Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NAILS FOR SALE! (I love how that rhymes. lol)

These are the false nail sets that I do for sale! These are just examples of what I have currently, but please do contact me if you have ideas for a custom set, as I can accommodate just about any request!!

Zany Zebra.

I like these ones a lot. Super sparkly silver base, and faint gold stripes, finished off with black zebra stripes! They are really stunning!!

Slithery Snakeskin.

These are pretty badass if I do say so myself. They look especially good in matte finish.

Adorable Bows.

These took a bit longer than most because I hand painted every little bow on these, but it was worth it because they are just so cute!!

I will be posting more of my sets very soon, so stay tuned!! All of my sets are $10 with free shipping in Canada & the USA, (unfortunately if you're overseas I have to charge) and I also include glue or a sheet of nail stickers with each set. As I mentioned above, I can do any custom order, just shoot me a message or e-mail with your request!

Thanks for looking!!!