Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hey Guys! So here are my nail designs from the last month. I got the new Bundle Monster plates, so i have been Konnading up a storm. (Most of the designs I do barely last 24 hours.) I hope you guys like them!!

1:) Classy Kimono.
These are my nails right at this second! I used Revlon's 'Emerald City' (which has a matte suede finish) as a base, then stamped the flower design from the BM-204 plate onto them using GOSH #567 Metallic Green. The green comes up looking like a soft gold, which is fine by me because I think it looks pretty. Opinions? (since these pics were taken I have added a coat of GOSH Matte Effect Top Coat, and they look even better. I think I have a new obsession!) xD

2:) Sassy Snakeskin.
These ones I really liked. I am going to do this pattern again sometime soon because I did these ones really quickly and they are a bit sloppy. I can see these really making a statement if the time is taken to do them correctly!! (the second pic is the design after I added a coat of GOSH Matte Effect Top Coat, which happens to be my new fave thing ever!)

3:) Neon Zebra Anyone??
I actually got quite a few compliments on these. They are bright and sassy, and definitely get noticed!!! It's funny when people try to figure out how you did them! xD

4:) Leopard And Metal!
I really do love this leopard pattern. It seems that no matter the colour combination it just turns out looking smart. Can't go wrong really!

5:) Psychedelic Circles!!!!
These nails were created when I was bored and decided to test out image plates I had never used before. I had never liked the look of this particular pattern, but after adding rhinestones it kind of grew on me!!

6:) Which Way Do We Go?
These are fun nails that I did in about 15 minutes total. I added the rhinestones because I thought the design on the whole needed a little pop. (On a side note, I neglected to use a base coat and that yellow polish stained my nails horribly.) >_> Lesson Learned.

7:) Electric Blue leopard Print.
I absolutely adore these!!! I have to say I do favour the leopard image plate!!! But with a result like this can you really blame me?! xD

8:) Pretty And Perfect.
This was a pretty design that I came up with on the fly. The tips are a little sloppy unfortunately. This one did not stay on my nails long because I couldn't love it as much as I wanted to. It is very pretty, but I guess it just wasn't my style. What do you guys think?

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