Friday, September 9, 2011


This is a fast konadicure that I did simply to try out my new BM plates!
 These are the polishes used! There is a new shade by Revlon called "Punk" and it's a gorgeous shiny pale green! The second is another Revlon called "Emerald City" and it's a rich jade coloured matte finish polish. The third is of course the Holy Grail of top coats, my reliable Seche Vite!
 This is the image plate that was used! It's the BM-204 plate, and I stamped using the top center design. I think they are either supposed to be leaves or trees. xD
               This is the Punk base coat. This is the colour I achieved after two generous coats.
          This is what they looked like after I stamped. I am quite happy with the result to be honest!!

So there it is folks! I hope you liked it! (also, please try to ignore my beat up fingers,... I use pure acetone to remove polish and it really dries out my hands! i did not use any cuticle oils or hand cream before taking these pictures although it seems I should have!!)


  1. Wow! I love this! Why, oh why can I not get the hang of those bloody stamping plates? My results look like they've been done by an 18 month old...and that's probably not fair to most 18 month old babies....

  2. BTW, did I tell you what a stunner you are??? You really are! Don't worry, I'm happily married.